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After the rain….

I was out late evening on Saturday after a stormy old day – metaphorically as well as literally – up onto Primrose Hill.  There was plenty of drama, and I continued the experiments in HDR – though I think I’d […]

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Experiments in HDR

I went up to Hampstead yesterday with a pair of photographic projects in mind.  The first was to take some High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographs – as Google have just made the Nik Software HDR Efex Pro free! And to […]

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Primrose Hill at night.

Primrose Hill at night

I’ve been out on Primrose Hill a couple of times recently trying to get a nighttime vista of London. It’s not as easy as I had imagined. Last week I took a lightweight tripod and a good deal of patience, […]

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Wormwood Scrubs circular walk

I went for a good long walk early yesterday, starting in the Paddington Basin section of the Grand Union Canal and walking in a loop up to the Mitre Bridge, along Scrubbs Lane and Wormwood Scrubs and back through the […]

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A new lens for Spring

I picked up a fast 25(50)mm Prime lens second hand and have been forcing myself to use my feet instead of zoom to compose my shots. It’s been an interesting experience using what was once the stock ‘kit lens’ focal […]

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Spring is coming

I was back on the Heath this week and, if the paths are well trodden, it’s a real pleasure to see the colour seeping back into the landscape – the bits those damn dam people haven’t dug up! Pryors Filed […]

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Photos for Suzan Swale

I spent a very satisfying and enjoyable morning taking some photographs for the website of Suzan Swale, the London Group artist.  It was an opportunity to get out my tripod and a bit of lighting gear, and things worked out […]

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I’ve spent months trying to catch a shot of the parakeets that are running wild around Primrose Hill and Regent’s Park.  I hear them, and see them flying like bullets, and occasionally see one come to rest and flys off […]

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Swiss Cottage Library

I’ve been casting about for subjects whilst the weather is dominated by leaden sky, and took a few shots of the utterly familiar Swiss Cottage Library. I’ve been going there for as long as I can remember, but had to […]

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The camera has a feature I haven’t used before…

The multiple exposure setting looks like fun. I wonder if I’ll ever use it!

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