I went for a good long walk early yesterday, starting in the Paddington Basin section of the Grand Union Canal and walking in a loop up to the Mitre Bridge, along Scrubbs Lane and Wormwood Scrubs and back through the backstreets to cross the canal again at Ladbroke Grove. I set off too early for the best of the weather; it grizzled all the way.

The journey is an interesting one, with the rather picturesque barges and houseboats moored on the temporary moorings opposite Kensal Green Cemetery, the Victorian Industrial, and the modern industrial of the railways sidings. Oh and there’s the wildlife.  I found a Canada Goose incubating her nest under one of the bridges, and was very taken with the angular geometry of the gasometers over the towpath wall.

The photos themselves are a bit lacklustre and several got the conversion to B&W probably because of that. Still, I enjoyed the experience, and I’d never been to Wormwood (worms, as in snakes, apparently) Scrubs before.