Photographs by Jason Bevan

The Fiddler's Riddle

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I went out to get photos of autumn, and found it was almost over! The leaves are down, but I enjoyed the walk.

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Dawn on Primrose Hill

I’m a little bit obsessed with the viewpoint from the west of the summit of Primrose Hill. I’ve been back there several times now as I like the rhythm between the bins, towers, lamp posts and the Telecom Tower. This […]

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A Robin

This was a co-operative little chap.  Sat posing for me unfazed as I changed settings on the camera at my leisure….

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Sandy Heath

I had a fantastic morning walking and brought back more than 300 better than average pictures, and nothing stand out. Still, the weather was nice, the sense of peace was great and I got entirely lost – not on the […]

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I went do some work for a client in the South Downs, and he kindly dropped me in Emsworth when we had finished. There were no great shots – just okay – but it was very exciting. The shapes and […]

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Cassiobury Park

Watford has a really nice bit of parkland just near the Metropolitan line station; full of splendid trees. There was an old trunk – the Owl Tree, apparently – adjacent to an old stump which I came close to making […]

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Primrose Hill Skyline

I have taken many shots on Primrose Hill, with varying results.  The abrupt transition from hill to sky is always interesting and – this is a recurring theme for me – the lamp posts have a splendid echo in the […]

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The Red Arches

The Red Arches was a really nice walk on Hampstead Heath – from Whitestone Pond via The Vale of Health, Red Arches and the Mixed Bathing Pond to South End Green.  On the way I found an artist in the […]

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