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The Surprise of Snow

I got up this morning half expecting a blanket of snow, so was slightly disappointed when I opened the curtains and found nothing but grey and damp. I got on with whatever work I had to do and gave the […]

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Out in the Snow and Ice

The snow has a wonderful way of making the familiar unfamiliar, and I took time out on all three days during the recent cold snap to get out and about. On the first day I didn’t get far, but the […]

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Looking back over the trees…

Heath Brow

I’ve been looking back through my Lightroom catalogue for possible competition entries for a ‘The Glory of Trees’ challenge on my camera clubs website. A couple of these have been posted before, either on thefiddlersriddle, or on Facebook, but some […]

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Caught in the Rain

I made my way up to Great Titchfield Street today to see an exhibition of work from the 50’s and 60’s by Franziska Themerson, the aunt of my friend Jasia Reichardt. I was caught in an absolute deluge of a […]

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Dragonfly laying eggs

I went out onto the Heath yesterday. It is a year on from my last dragonfly shots, and decided at the last minute to restrict myself to dragonflies as I don’t have as much free time to devote to this […]

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A Lack of Subject

It’s been a long while since I lasted posted here, and this hasn’t been the easiest winter for me to get out and about. At the back end of last year I managed to get a very wide angle zoom […]

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Foggy photos

I was out early this morning to get breakfast; too early as it traspired, as they had not yet cooked the croissant. A quick assessment of the ethereal quality of the light quickly dispelled any lethargy on my part and […]

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Looking for dragonflies

This time I went looking for dragonflies.  I found an electric blue one, that posed all the while I was getting my camera ready, and then disappeared, never to be seen again. This ‘Brown Hawker(?)’ kept returning to more or […]

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A photographic experience

I found myself out this morning in well worn territory, and the baking heat, giving a photography lesson to a friend who wanted to get more familiar with the Nikon DSLR that she’d had for a while, but hadn’t made […]

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After more rain….

Today, my morning work was cancelled, and I immediately headed out onto the Heath shortly after the rain. I became hung up largely on insects and flowers.  I didn’t have my macro lens with me, but was shooting with a […]

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