Today, my morning work was cancelled, and I immediately headed out onto the Heath shortly after the rain. I became hung up largely on insects and flowers.  I didn’t have my macro lens with me, but was shooting with a longish (14-140mm (28-280)) lens – handheld, so it was good there was plenty of light. It was peaceful, verging on tranquil, and I got lost again in the business of taking pictures.  Just below the Elms I bumped into a chap called Paul who had seen the camera and seemed pleased to pass the time talking about stone-chats, hobbies, and grass-snakes. A pipe smokers’ moment, without the pipes… I’m now cursing the fact that I didn’t give him one of my cards with a link to this blog.


(If anyone knows what type of butterfly is perched on the fallen oak-leaf, I’d be pleased to know what it is).